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Case Study


The functionality of the website far exceeded our expectations. Sales have increased exponentially, and we’re happy with the significantly improved conversion rate.
Temper And Forge
March 21, 2023
Grind machine website pages examplesCase Study

Grind Basketball

Temper and Forge has done a great job so far, and the feedback towards the website has been generally positive. We’ve done a lot of top-line revenue through it, and our conversion rate has gone…
Temper And Forge
March 9, 2023
Method Seven example website pages displayed at an angleCase Study

Method Seven

Temper And Forge’s work has drastically increased sales, exceeding the client’s expectations. They are communicative and transparent, immediately giving notice if they need extra hours. Ultimately, they’re a cost-effective, lean, and efficient partner that delivers…
Temper And Forge
September 12, 2022
Billie and Bird example website pages displayed verticallyCase Study

Billie & Bird

The site created by Temper And Forge meets the client’s expectations. Its design is so engaging that, within the first month of launch, the site was placed on the top 7% of all new Shopify…
Temper And Forge
June 25, 2022
Precision painting Plus example website pages displayed verticallyCase Study

Precision Painting Plus

Temper And Forge can take their clients’ vision and turn it into a reality at a very competitive price. They did a great job at reflecting the highly visual characteristics of a painting business like…
Temper And Forge
June 1, 2022 example website pages displayed at an angleCase Study

City of Everett, Massachusetts

We’ve received feedback from our residents, who say the website is much more user-friendly. They also accomplish tasks on the website. Moreover, our team has also received tremendous feedback from our department heads and staff.
Temper And Forge
May 1, 2022 website pages previewed verticallyCase Study

Cignal AI

The Project was a complete success. They made the site look much more professional and work much smoother. We have a very complex WordPress site with a lot of custom code on the backend, and…
Temper And Forge
September 28, 2021 website pages previewed at an angleCase Study

Theory Wellness

Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, they can help you figure it out. They’re a dynamite team that’s a helpful partner. As time goes on, I noticed that they have a fundamental…
Temper And Forge
September 19, 2021