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Temper And Forge was recognized for their excellence with the excellence award for Website Development, specifically for their work done on

“We’re honored to have our work acknowledged  and selected for a second time. Our team continues to strive to produce the best possible work we can.”

-Nate Botelho, Founder

The annual, international competition saw over 800 entries from around the world including 30 US States and 20 countries including: Australia, Denmark, Italy, UK, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal etc.

An international panel of judges, consisting of industry professionals with diverse backgrounds evaluated categories ranging from online advertising to mobile applications. The 2021 winning entries showcase the industry’s best interactive media solutions including web sites, mobile applications, print media, interactive displays, online advertising, video, email and more. 

The Web Excellence Awards primarily aims to acknowledge and promote the creative ideas, business models and innovative technologies on the web. The winners of the excellence awards are chosen from six categories including website building, advertising & marketing, video and podcasts, apps and mobile, social media and painting. Each category then further includes themes ranging from activism and health to beauty, fitness, sports, travel etc. These winners, through their work and innovative approach, inspire millions to think out of the box. Due to the constantly evolving nature of digital media and the emergence of distinguished artists, the task of choosing the winners of 2021 web awards have not only been challenging but also astounding. For more information visit the Web Excellence Awards online: