Introducing Bless Creatics

Our featured artist series gives us an opportunity to connect with visual creators from all around the world and share their unique stories. I came across Bless Creatics while browsing through Instagram and immediately fell in love with his graphic style. His Instagram profile is a work of art on it’s own: the style stays so concise and true to its function as a process-oriented sharing style. Users are able to see the progression from a wireframe to an end-stage mock-up. Bless Creatics has a truly motivational story and I’m happy to share.

How long have you been a graphic designer?

I started graphic designing back in 2015, but never took it seriously. Started out with poster designs (Lol, That’s how most of us start, right ?). All the while, I was doing it for free for my friends and relatives. Providing zero value to the community. But, thankfully, Logo design hit me in the year 2017, I started taking it seriously. Got some commission works and then I decided to be a full-time freelancer. So technically, I’ve been a designer for the last one year only.

How did you get started? 

I’m from India and in my country, it’s real hard to be a freelancer. The education system & the culture here, is totally different from that of the western culture. Every parent here dreams of His/Her child to be a Doctor/Engineer/Govt. official. You might be wondering, who thinks like that, right ? But that’s how it works in INDIA. So in the same routine, after completing my high school, I did my Bachelor’s in Business Administration. If you follow the routine, After a bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree is a must. But, things didn’t work out the same for me. Cut story short, I was in my home, jobless for few months. That’s when I decided, why not do something productive by the time. And I started an Instagram page just to showcase my designs, with no intention to commercialize it. Surprisingly, people liked it. I got decent engagement in the initial days and by God’s Grace, things worked out well, I started getting commission works on a regular basis. Got to work with some amazing clients down the road, And I’m happy things are going well.

Is this your full-time gig?

Yes, at present, I’m a full-time Freelancer.

Where do you draw inspiration from? 

Inspiration can come literally from anything. From a small pin badge to the huge billboards. I draw inspiration from my day to day observation. It can be a small design I like which is imprinted on an old cassette tape, Or a book, or somewhere while I’m watching a TV series. Digital platforms also play a great role, Instagram, dribble, bechance, Pinterest, google. These are all part of my source of inspiration.

What part of the design process do you like most? 

When I get paid, hahaha LOL ! Just kidding. I like the part where I sit down to draw inspiration and execute the client’s idea to reality. It not only helps me come up with different ideas, But down the road, I learn a lot of things on the way. And there’s nothing better than learning while you’re still working. It makes you more productive and efficient at the same time.

What’s your favorite design you’ve created? 

It’s kinda hard to pick a favorite. but I guess it’s a mark I did for a fabric manufacturing company (See Xenon fabrics – image above). I really love the balance of the mark here. It’s no rocket science, but I love how being just a simple mark, it’s still appealing and up to the point.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to graphic designers who are starting their journey?

Everybody might’ve heard the phrase, “DO WHAT YOU LOVE”. I respect that phrase, but doing what you love isn’t necessary, do what brings value to the community. think about the value you bring to the community by what you do, If it’s not providing any value, You need to think upon your way of working. Never loose hope, The journey Ain’t easy. At some point, you might even feel like quitting, but then think of why You started.

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